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OnClick Marketing

Who Are We?

OnClick Marketing is an SEO and Social Media focused company based in Santa Monica, California. We were started in 2010 by George Gearhart and Frank Eybsen, both veterans of the Internet world.

OnClick Marketing was conceived while both George and Frank were working side by side at a large internet marketing agency. Although each excelling in their respective fields (architecture and inbound marketing) they found that there were many problems caused by the typical agency structure and how client relationships were completely lacking in many of the most important areas, particularly results.

George and Frank started OnClick Marketing with the belief that they could take on a smaller number of clients and devote the resources that were needed to accomplish their goals. George and Frank had come from a world where revenue and closing deals was put ahead of making sure the production could meet demand and excel beyond expectations. At OnClick Marketing the production staff only works on a handful of clients, with each client receiving 30%-50% of each assigned staff members time. Good SEO takes a lot of manual labor and innovation and cutting edge ideas are only born from staff who have the time to devote themselves to their craft.

OnClick Marketing also knows to weigh what partnerships to get into carefully. If a potential client isn’t in a position to benefit from SEO or isn’t a right fit for the vision of the company they won’t make the client roster. It is as important to perform above a clients expectations as it was to make sure OnClick Marketing was working with the right partners.

And so far the plan is working perfectly. But instead of just hearing about it, take a look at a recent case study to see our method in action.

Case Study

First, the information for this case study is sensitive information so we are going to show you what we can. With that said, let’s start with the following.

Case Studies SEO Analytics

We started working with this partner in the middle of 2010 and really amped up our campaign in 2011. The above is a simple screenshot from their Google Analytics account showing organic search engine traffic minus brand keywords. They have continued to be very pleased with our efforts.

Some more highlights from the campaign: